Black Owned Beauty Brands.

Firstly, shoutout to Maya Brown for creating and sharing the excellent list of black owned makeup brands [featured image]!
Since I buy so many beauty products, I’ve decided to try a few bits from each company on this list to show my support. I am cautious when purchasing from any store on a first time visit…That being said, I started off small by ordering a blush and two lipsticks from Komplexx Blends Cosmetics (KBC) and Beauty Brownie! The shopping experience was great, the products are of great quality and I will definitely be shopping at both places again very soon.

I’m from Michigan so when I found out that KBC was founded in Detroit by Karian Newby-Durham, it was a no brainer that I wanted to add her products to my collection. Not only is Karian dedicated to making the cosmetic industry more inclusive of varying skin tones, but she also donates a portion of KBC proceeds to the Parkinson’s Foundation in honor of her grandmother. Karian is in the Houston, TX area, so if you are in the area and in need of a MUA, book her!

Beautie Brownie Ring The Alarm 2.0 Super Matte Lipquid | $12.00

Honey. RING THE ALARM is my favorite red lip right now. It goes on as a liquid gloss and dries to a matte perfection. When I tell you that it does not come off until you WANT it to come off, I mean that. Your lip color won’t be on your glass, on a napkin, on anyone’s cheek, none of that. It stays and it is beautiful. Beautie Brownie was created by two sisters from Brooklyn, NY. These women work hard to encourage women with brown skin & darker skin tones to, “love the skin they’re in and not conform to beauty standards that leave them out of the equation.” I’m 100% sure I’m going to buy all of the Beautie Brownie lip colors.

Seek out kind people in your community doing great things and support them. Spread love.

Next Time: Beauty Bakerie =)


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