Stay Active: Golf

Most of the men in my immediate family are golfers; Aaron (hubby), my dad, Aaron’s dad, and my brother! When I was about 12, my dad bought me a set of kiddie clubs, but I was more interested in driving the golf cart! I used to speed around the golf path and ride over the green, but after a while I was a pro cart driver. Actually, I give credit to the golf cart for my amazing driving skills today.

Anyway. Until this spring, when I took my first trip to the driving range, A’s mom was the only lady of the family that showed any true interest in golf which made me revisit the idea. After three or four visits to the driving range with A, we decided to go to a beautiful golf course in my home town. I had a few good swings, but I mostly enjoyed the fresh, open air and bonding over lost balls, and potato chips♥︎

Aside from the mental workout trying to perfect a swing, golf is great for toning the arms, back and legs. Obviously walking the course would provide an even better work out, but we shamelessly drove a cart.  I spent a lot of time searching for my balls and the course was moderately busy so the cart was a good choice.
IMG_3577The 75 degree weather was perfect, and since this particular course wasn’t strict about dress code, I opted for a basic Dri-Fit tee and pants by Nike. I got a great deal on my Nike golf shoes at Dunham’s and I also purchased a men’s glove since I refuse to purchase pink workout gear. Also, my fingers are quite long.

Now that I’m living in Florida, I’m going to save my golf games for the cooler months, but I definitely plan to get back out there!





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